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Do You Read Sutter Cane? by ViperXVII
Do You Read Sutter Cane?
Sooo, long story short, no, I haven't been dead(er than usual.)  Quite the opposite in fact!  I've been writing for a geeky website and doing weekly articles on cult-horror movies, shows, games, and whatnot.  And with them, I create a lil grayscale image featuring my lil goblinoid buddy like this to go with!  This one's for the movie "In The Mouth Of Madness," a very unique movie RIDDLED with Lovecraftian homage.  

I figured, I may as well toss one up here, maybe the rest if I feel like, to make the page seem a lil more lively.  And yes, the resolution is pretty meh, but it's what I gotta target for the pages.  It often makes me weep.

If you wanna check out the site, have at it:  Look for any article with "The Cultist" in the title if you're out for my work.  I'll link to this particular article when it releases later this week.
Look Who's Evil Now by ViperXVII
Look Who's Evil Now
So, I gotta cousin who's an awesome actress and this halloween was in a play for Evil Dead The Musical as Cheryl.  *u* Best. Play. Ever.  

Also, version with inverty evil eyes, CAUSE I FRICKIN LOVE DEM EYES.  Look Who's Eviller Now by ViperXVII
Expression Impression by ViperXVII
Expression Impression
Old template sheet is old, but I felt like coming back to this old character I never really got the chance to me good halloween feelz, also he seemed like a unique challenge for this expression sheet...given his unique face.  Also wanted to actually post somethin here, for once.

Still unsure of his name, but he is an expressive fellow, isn't he?

Same guy:…  Wow...2008, it's been a while.


The 17th Flavor of Doom
United States
Long Live the Dead!
Just 'cause its been too long since I'd done anything on DA.  Snagged a tag-thing!

1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create new questions for the people you tag to answer.
(DALEETED THE TAGGIN RULES, jus do this sheet if ya feelz like it)

:iconpink-myotis:  's Q's
1. Do you like giant robots?

I. DIG. GIANT ROBOTS!   ....Not really, honestly only dig them in rare unique situations.  As an overdone anime genre that just throws them everywhere, I kinda hate 'em.  Seriously...seen some shows that had potential, then out of nowhere OBLIGATORY GIANT ROBOTS.

2. If your house was infested with fire type things, what would be the things you'd save?

I'd activate hero mode and perform my manliest of feats in attempts to save ALL THE THINGS by battling the fire type things.  PS: I will not be saving the fire type things, for they are the enemy, and must burn in hell.  Which I assume is their natural origin and activity.

3. If you were to pick a starter pokemon, what one would it be?


4. I feel like eating watermelon, do you also feel like eating watermelon?

No thank you m'lady, you may consume our full supply of watermelon.  Meanwhile, I shall wear a top hat.   Because.

5. Apparently Slenderman is always watching, but he has no eyes. Is he watching you?

Not anymore, I drew eyes on him.  Turns out that's what he wanted all along.

6. What's your favourite colour?

Purple, or Gray, or Dark Blue :E

7. What fictional type character thing do you have a crush on?

Internet Females.  For they don't really exist.  Hrm, I need a real answer?  ...Let's go with...Marceline :E…

8. What element would you bend?

FLESH O_O   It would be horrible.

9. Do you like the beach?

Not particularly.  And the ocean is scary @_@

10. Why can't I think of anymore questions?

So I won't spend another hour soul-searching for these most vital of answers.  That's quite considerate of you.

Now I have to make new questions, uhhh...durrrrr.....ffff....

1)Your life is an epic tragedy!  What's the awesome way that you finally die?
2)Turns out, all of reality has suddenly become a video game.  What sorta character/class are you?
3)In the aforementioned video game reality...what do you plan to do with your new life?
4)(Stealing Alek's Q, 'cause its so deviously uneasy-making)  You gotta crush on some sorta fictional character?  Admit it!
5)Some otherworldly entity speaks to you, grants you some spooky powers and demands you obey them.  What do you do, and how many people are you okay sacrificing in horrible ways?
6)You're a sinner.  A filthy sinner.  Which deadly sin are you most guilty of?
7)Have you ever been murdered?  How was it?  Would you do it again?
8)Heads are great platforms to put things on.  What would you most like to wear atop your head?
9)Biggest regret to come to mind?
10)You're going to explode soon.  These things happen, can't prevent 'em.  Who would you like to take with you?
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